Workshop 1: Dilemma Game
Professionalism and Integrity in Research

Like in any profession, scientists are frequently faced with dilemmas:
Can I exclude particular observations from my research? Can I use exactly the same data set for multiple papers? Should I agree on a colleague being a co-author on a paper to which he has not made a significant contribution?
By exposing you to such dilemmas in the context of a critical dialogue, this game aims to support you in further developing your own “moral compass”.
This dilemma game was developed as one of the initiatives of the EUR Taskforce Scientific Integrity. The objective of the taskforce has been to raise awareness for and to develop proposals to help maintain scientific professionalism and integrity.

The game lets you consider, choose and defend (and possibly reconsider) alternative courses of action regarding a realistic dilemma regarding professionalism and integrity in research.

Workshop 2: Social entrepreneurship based on the SDGs

Not all PhD students stay in the academic world after finishing their PhD. And especially with a PhD in the domain of sustainability your interest in using your knowledge and skills to make a living by contributing to make the world a better place might be high. This workshop can help you in finding ways to do this.


After an introduction on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and what social entrepreneurship is, you get the opportunity to develop in team your own ideas for social entrepreneurship. Maybe you find a wonderful business case for your research outcome!


In collaboration with The Social Innovation Factory - Innovation that benefits all

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