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Workshop 1: Graphical abstract

Koen Van den Eeckhout (Baryon)


Graphical abstracts are becoming more and more important. Scientific journal publishers and conference organizers encourage you to create a concise visual summary of the main findings of your research. But where to start? What steps should you follow to create the perfect graphical abstract for your article? How to turn a lot of complex research into a single, clear visual? What tools can you use? In this workshop, you’ll get tips, tools, inspiration and hands-on practice to create your own graphical abstract for your next article. Let’s show the world what your research is all about!

​​Baryon was founded by Koen Van den Eeckhout, a 33-year-old consultant and physics PhD based in Ghent, Belgium, to combine his two passions: effective communication with a scientific or technological approach, and strong visual graphic design. It is their goal to assist companies, researchers and organizations to get their message across in the clearest, powerful, and visual way.

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Workshop 2: Pitch your research!

Tom De Moor (University Language Centre)

Illustratie pitching 1.png

The pitching format has been increasingly adopted in the context of academic conferences and applications. This interactive workshop starts by deducing general guidelines for proper pitching from authentic examples. Afterwards, the participants draft a pitch about their own research, which will be used as input for further discussion.

Tom De Moor coordinates, develops and teaches academic and professional language education for the University Language Centre. Among other fields, he specializes in presentation and application skills. He frequently coaches Ghent University’s (doctoral) researchers for grant proposal pitching.

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