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Programme & venue

Two days of insights, feedback and networking 


Het Pand

Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent

How to get there?

We highly recommend coming to the event by public transport! 

There are regular direct trains between the main cities in Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Hasselt, Liège) and Ghent. Train schedules can be found on the website of NMBS

The venue is accessible from station Ghent St Pieters through a 30 minutes walk, or by tram n° 1 (station: Korenmarkt) or 2 (station: Oude Houtlei).

Day ONE - 24 May 2022

Morning program
8h30-9h           Registration 
9h-9h10           Welcome: Prof. Marijke Steeman, UGent
9h10-10h10     Keynote Prof. Ian Hamilton, UCL:  “
Energy epidemiology: the impact of the                            user in energy efficiency retrofits” 
10h10-10h30   Coffee break
10h30-12h30   Paper and poster session “
Circularity and life cycle assessment” 
                        (chair: Prof. Lionel Devlieger)
  • Paper presentations
    • Comparing lifespans of windows, heating installations and roofs of two large-scaled empirical studies and generic data, Bieke Gepts (UHasselt) 
    • Development of environmental benchmarks for the Belgian residential building stock, Lise Mouton (KUL)
  • Short poster presentations
    • Three pathways towards carbon neutrality of existing single-family dwellings: what are the tipping points?, Yanaika Decorte (UGent)
    • Opportunities for circular building design to improve housing affordability, Margaux Lespagnard (VUB)
    • Reuse potential of materials derived from existing buildings, Katrien Devos (UGent)
    • Reviving the circular building industry. Looking into construction, demolition and reuse from the past to the future, Lara Reyniers (VUB)
    • Closing the glass loop, Esther Geboes (VUB)
    • From demolition towards preservation: A paradigm shift for building in Brussels, Louise Huba (VUB)
    • Facilitating circular valorisation of building materials in large-scale building renovations, Ruben Van Vooren (VUB)
    • Circular building solutions: Quantification of their environmental and financial impact, Lisa Van Gulck (UGent)

12h30-13h30  Sandwich lunch

Afternoon program
13h30-15h20    Paper and poster session “Sustainable urban and environmental design” 
                         (chair: Prof. Arnold Janssens)
  • Paper presentations
    • Public preferences for and prioritization of nature-based solutions, Amy Philips (VUB)   
    • Street design to improve outdoor thermal comfort in Vietnam, Dung Ngo (KUL)
  • Short poster presentations
    • A parametric model for material and embodied environmental flow analysis of transportation infrastructure assets, Soroosh Ataee (UCL)
    • Evaluating the impact of drivers of urban densification, Anasua Chakraborty (ULg)
    • Reimagining vacancy. Circular design guidelines for a responsible redevelopment of vacant buildings, Gabrielle Kawa (VUB)
    • Development of a methodological approach to urban rehabilitation for a comfortable outdoor thermal environment, Hicham Fawzi Arrar (ULg)
    • CityRoof - Analogous green roofs for Belgian cities, Lucie Rivière (ULg)
    • Informal urban fabrics flood resilience, Fenosoa Ramiaramanana (ULg)
    • Sustainable Architecture in a Water-Scarce Environment: Developing a Building-Integrated FOG Harvesting system through a Biomimetic approach in (semi-)arid climates, Nathalie Verbrugghe (ULB)

15h20-15h40    Coffee break
15h40-17h        PhD workshopGraphical Abstracts” (Baryon)

Evening program
17h30-18h30    Guided visit to sustainable neighbourhood development “Nieuwe Dokken”
                         in Ghent (
19h00-…          Dinner @Officina Raffaelli
Day TWO - 25 May 2022
Morning program

9h-9h10           Wrap up day 1
9h10-10h10     Keynote Prof. Johan Albrecht, UGent : “Can we renovate towards a carbon-

                        free building stock without increasing inequality?
10h10-10h30   Coffee break
10h30-12h20   Paper and poster session “Performance of building materials & 

                        (chair: Prof. Nathan Van Den Bossche)

  • Paper presentations

    • Printed concrete formwork as concrete cover, Michiel Bekaert (UGent)

    • Environmental impact assessment in the early stages of developing a new Photonic Meta-Concrete, Nick Adams (KUL)

    • Comparing Thermal Resistance of Green Roof Layers with Coarse Artificial and Recycled Materials, Mostafa Kazemi (ULg)

    • The impact of monitoring setups in a large scale Heat Loss Coefficient assessment, Katia Ritosa (KUL)

  • Short poster presentations

    • Common Salt Mixtures in the Built Environment, Sebastiaan Godts (UGent)

    • Circular building with earth: circular design and life cycle assessment of earthen infill walls in reused concrete frame structures, Erik Pelicaen (UHasselt)

    • Carbonation performance of green concrete with recycled aggregates and hybrid binders, Juan Manuel Etcheverry (UGent)


12h20-13h30 Sandwich lunch


Afternoon program
13h30-15h    Paper and poster session “Comfortable and energy efficient buildings
                     (chair: Prof. Marijke Steeman)

  • Paper presentations

    • Is the scoring system used in BREEAM international new construction 2016 aligned with the trends existing in recent sustainability housing-related literature?, Mohsen Sanei (ULB)

    • Methodology for dynamic simulations of energy use in multifamily buildings, Stijn Van de Putte (UGent)

    • Dynamic solar gain coefficient estimating from in-situ data: A building with synthetic occupants, Xiang Zhang (KUL)

  • Short poster presentations

    • Project SurChauffe: Overheating Indicator and Calculation Method for Walloon Buildings, Deepak Amaripadath (ULg)

    • Socio-economic Impacts of Rural Electrification Through Renewable Mini-grids in Tanzania, Oliva Gonda (UHasselt)

    • Building Energy Efficiency in Indonesia: Regulation, Formulation, and Evaluation, Hanif Hanif (ULB)

15h-15h30    Coffee break
15h30-17h    PhD workshop “How to give a good research pitch” (UGent language center)
17h-17h15    Closing

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