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Doctoral Seminars on Sustainability Research in the Built Environment

25 & 26 May 2023, Brussels

DS²BE 2023 is co-hosted by Perspective.Brussels, situated at the back of the Royal Palace between the central station and the Matonge neighbourhood.


Urban engaged research to the rescue?

In our rapidly changing world, science provides perspective and guidance. The rigorous process of truth-seeking and refutation offers the best answer toward reliable insights and responsible choices.

Yet as researchers and human beings, we do not stay unmoved by today's social and ecological issues. Ideally, we would like to make a positive contribution with our research. But can and should we?

In this edition of DS²BE, we explore the role of "urban engaged research" through your own work. Keynotes testify about their interpretation of that role, we make a site visit around action research, and organise a workshop to define your own role.

Details to follow soon.



Perspective.Brussels is the public interest body and multidisciplinary centre of expertise for territorial development that provides the Brussels Region with the means to understand itself better in order to prepare its future.

Under the WeKonekt program, VUB and ULB collaborate with public an private actors like Perspective.Brussels to open up our campuses and engage researchers and students for metropolitan challenges in and around Brussels.

The venue is located at Rue de Namur - Naamsestraat 59, 1000 Brussels.


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